Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Mandalorian Wars: Complete

Campaign 1: Sqaud 7 The Republic was locked in a war with the Mandalorians, who had begun a conquest around the galaxy, and has their eyes set on republic Space. Despite several pleas from the Republic, the Jedi council refused to become involved in the war, leaving the republic to face the war alone.

They began an elite recruitment program, creating seven sqauds to perform covert operations against the Mandalorians. Sqaud 7 was a mixed-race group of men and women: Alma Vard, a Twi’lek Scoundrel, Merrik Vendetta, a Human Scout, Raj Raj Sknib, an Arkanian Solidier, and Aiden Baail, the squads 2nd in command.

Their first mission was to land covertly in a newly created drop pod on Malachor IV, and disable the anti-air systems set up around the landing zone. They landed, but the sqauds commander died in the landing, leaving Aiden Baail in charge. They dispatched the guards set up around the base and broke in, filling the halls with gas and disabling the anti-air systems. They left and set up a beacon for evac, but were attacked by Basilik War Droid, which Alma Vard managed to hack with a small utility droid, but not before Aiden Baail was gunned down, sustaining several wounds to the chest. The mission was considered a success, and the party was evac’d and had their wounds treated, and sent to help defend a small Republic outpost against the inevitable Mandalorian counter-attack, minus Aiden Baail.

Alma Vard was given temporary control of the sqaud and the Republic solidiers, and the group set up mines and turrets. The counter-attack came earlier than expected, and charged across the open desert field. The mines and the turrets managed to slow down the counter-attack, but eventually the Mandalorians deployed Basiliks, which slaughtered the Republic men, leaving Sqaud 7 to fend for themselves. Luckily, the jedi had decided to help the Republic, led by Revan, a group of a hundred plus jedi landed in pods on the battlefield, along with a recently recovered Aiden Baail. A young Mirulukan jedi saved Raj Raj’s life, and Aiden Baail dissapeared after the battle. The mission was considered a failure, and Sqaud 7 was sent away from the invasion of Malachor IV to find and stop a supply line from Nar Shadda, and were sent undercover to end the gang that was supplying the Mandalorians. Sent along with them was the mysterious Mirulukan Jedi, who never seemed to speak. They devised a plan to get themselves noticed to join the gang, The Spires, and infiltraite their hideout. Raj Raj Skinb was noticed for his impressive win in the arena against Jayden Baail, the son of Aiden, after he broke his arm and recruited him to help their cause. However he had a broken arm, and stayed in the ship where the sqaud landed. Alma was noticed for her win in the Swoop Bike races, and Merrik bribed and gambled his way to a Pazzack Tournament win. The Mirulukan stayed with Jayden on the ship and tended to his many wounds inflicted by Raj.

However, the sqaud was known to be spies by the Gang leader, a scrawny rhodian who had the sqaud gasses and captured. They came to to find the base under attack by one man, an unknown Bounty Hunter who was there to capture the sqaud. He fought his way to the holding cells with nothing but two bullet-based revolvers. He released the sqaud and they retrieved their weapons, setting up a bomb in the munitions plant that, unexpectedly ended up taking out half a city block, which alerted the Nar Shadda police force to them. They ran from the police force back to their ship and took off, quickly escaping before they could give chase. They gave a mission report, which was considered a failure, and were told to report back to a Cruiser for a debriefing. Along the way, they picked up a distress signal hailing from a long abadoned Star Destroyer ship. The party agreed to investigate, with Jayden and the Bounty Hunter still in tow. It was a mistake. They landed in the ship, which showed signs of battle. The ship was decaying, and the sound of creatures scurrying about could be heard as they landed. Jayden and the Bounty Hunter opted to stay on the ship, guarding it in case they needed to make a quick escape. They found the halls of the ship stained with blood, and were attacked by strange, shirveled humanoids. After crossing a large, dark hanger, Raj was pulled into the darkness. The party followed the sounds of his struggle, and the lights came on to reveal Raj being held by a large monster that seemed to be created from hundreds of dead bodies. It was a tentacled horror, but after some intense fighting and climbing, the party managed to rescue Raj and kill the beast. After the struggle, they were met by a cloaked figure wearing a white mask with two red lines painted down the eyes, who had the bounty hunter held up high by the throat. He ignited a dark red lightsaber and plunged it into his chest, tossing his body towards the party and moving in for the attack. The Mirlukan charged forward, but could not see the foe, as he had no connection with the force, and fought blindly, using only her sense of sound. Raj attempted to drive a scouting ship into the figure, but he easily dismantled it as it flew towards him and tossed Raj across the hanger, knocking him unconcious. Merrik attempted to surrender to the figure, which distracted him and bought Alma and the Mirlukan time to make an attack. They managed to sink both a lightsaber and a blaster shot into him, and he retreated down the dark alleys. Alma and the jedi rushed to check on Raj, while Merrik chased after the figure, determined to learn what was happening on this ship. Their radios burst to life with the sound Jayden begging for help, their ship they came in being swarmed by the creatures they had fought earlier. The party decided it was to risky to attempt to rescue him, and hijacked a transport and blasted open the hanger bay doors, flying out into space and establishing a connection with the commander of their sqaud. He ordered the group to return to Malachor VI and help in the last steps of the invasion. Their mission was a simple one, help Revans top general defend a newly developed weapon, a “Mass Shadow Generator”, until it became active. They landed outside the Generator’s perimiter and fought their way to it, finding it being defended by only the General and a Zabrak mechanic. Alma set up sniper posistions in the trees while Raj and the Mirlukan stood at the front gate, attacking head on anyone who came after it. After pressing the General for answers, they eventually discovered what the generator did: It created a massive center of gravity on the planet and pulled every ship near it down into the atmosphere, crashing every ship, Republic and Mandalorian, into the planet. Most of the Mandalorian fleet was on the planet, but hundreds of thousands of Republic lives would be lost as well, including their own. The general attempted to escape on a small vessel before the generator reached its full power, but was disarmed by Raj, who sent her own lightsaber into her face, seemingly killing her. The squad quickly jumped into the vessel and took off, the gravity becoming more and more powerful, several ships already falling into the atmosphere. The ship was turned almost completley upward, and alma went flying from the cockpit towards the rear exit, the jedi jumped and grabbed onto a seat in the back, holding onto Alma. Raj, using his natural Arkanian claws, slid down the side of the wall and grabbed onto them both, tossing them up towards the ship and slamming the door closed just before entering hyperspace. The party had escaped, Merrik seemingly gone, betrayed by the Republic they served, and the Mandalorian War over. The squad decided to disband, and they all went their seperate ways.

Campaign 2: Jedi Civil War Five months after the end of the Mandalorian war, the Jedi broke into two factions: Those who left with Revan during the Mandalorian War, and the Jedi council. Those with Revan were considered “Fallen” jedi, and were banished from the order. Soon after, a war broke out. Revan managed to mass produce an army and weapons seemingly from nowhere, and the Republic backed the council in the war, despite still recovering from the war withe Mandalorians.

There were large bounties on the head of Revan, and the party, by cirmcumstance, would all find one- another hunting him. The Mirlukan Jedi, named Lorrianne Derros, was sent by the council to find Revan and bring him into custody. Alma Vard had been hired to assassinate him by a group of unnamed senators in the republic. Raj had become a freelance bounty hunter, and he was out to track Revan and bring him back, dead or alive. Bryson, an Echani warrior, was also out for revenge against Revan and the Sith. Merrik had fallen to the Dark side and had become an apprentince to the mysterious figure the party had fought months prior, and was sent to kill Revan and bring his mask to his master. And finally a strong force adept with no sense of direction or purpose, named Satt Mence. Revan had slipped false information that he was on Tantooine, and had gathered all his potential foes there in a cantina to be assassinated by a group of Dark Jedi. The party managed to defeat a large group of Dark Jedi, and met up with a group of Dragon hunters in the small settlement. They agreed to help the group track down and kill a mother Krayt dragon, rumored to be the biggest of all the Krayt’s on tantooine, famous for their pearls. The party and the Dragon Hunters were ambushed by a large group of Sand People, but quick thinking from Raj and Satt quickly ended the encounter. After traveling for hours without rest, the Dragon hunters gave up the chase and returned back to the settlement, leaving the party with their mines and and grenades. The pary eventually discovered the Dragon, 300 yards in length, inside a gigantic cave, and fought the beast. Merrik and Lorrianne scaled the beast and struck out at it, while Alma, Raj, and Bryson set up mines around it and fired at it with blaster fire. Satt was quickly knocked out during the encounter. Eventually the party slayed the beast, and Bryson attempted to remove the large pearl from inside Krayt’s head. The pearl turned to dust instantly, and sunk into his flesh, causing intense pain that rendered him unconcious. As he layed unconcious, a set of fleshy and bony wings shot from his back, disgusting the party. Raj threw him over his shoulder and they treked back to the settlement where they all had met. The settlement was being raided by a platoon of Sith forces, which the party fought through with the help of an unnamed jedi. He helped the party to his ship and they departed, where he noticed the still unconcious Brysons winged form. He informed the party that the Jedi Council had to see this and, after much arguing, they accepted. It was a short trip back to the Jedi Council on Dantooine, where the party was informed that there were more crystals such as these, each granting ancient force abilities to whoever had them near. They were asked to search for these, and the party refused. However, the Council made threats to their lives, informing them that it would be unwise to cross a group as powerful as the Jedi Council and the Republic, so they accepted. They were each given a free nights rest and a place to stay, and a romance sparked between Merrik and Alma in their rooms that night. With the jedi that brought them to the Council in tow, they left and followed their only known trial: A fighting tournament being held on Kashyyk by a small Mandalorian bounty hunter group, with a jewl encrusted Longsword as the prize. They each entered, with Bryson crippling their jedi friend with a broken arm and leg. However, the final fight of the tournament was between Alma Vard and Merrik Vendetta. The two fought for several minutes, but Merrik’s dual lightsabers knocked back most of the blaster fire from Alma, and he eventually used a strong amount of force energy to push her across the fighting grounds into a spiked wall, which alma found lodged into her back and out her stomach. This, of course, ended the relationship between Merrik and Alma. However, Merrik did win the grand prize: A sword encrusted with one of the power-granting gems. As he gripped the sword, he felt his entire connection to the force wither and die, effectivly making him more a swordsman than a jedi. However, all his connection to the force was now tied with this longsword, making it the most powerful weapon the party had encountered thus far. They left the areana, and killed their jedi overseer and Satt, feeling them both to be untrustworthy, dumping their bodies in the woods. They set back out into space to return the weapon to the council, but were intercepted by a familar, decaying battleship. This obviously made Merrik uncomfortable, and the party began to mistrust him after he successfully opened the bay doors with the proper codes. They entered, unable to leave and nowhere else to go. Lorrianne stayed with the ship to guard it, confident in her abilities to defend herself. They found themselves in a familar hanger, and were confronted by a mutated and screaming body, barely reconizable as that of Jayden Baail, the son of Aiden. It attacked with amazing speed, knocking Alma and Raj unconcious. However, Merrik was able to pin him long enough for Bryson to use his flamethrower against Jayden, burning him to nothing but ashes, save for a jewled medallion. The party, unsure of what curse it would bestow upon whoever wore it, gave it to Merrik. The amulet allowed you to move as three times your normal speed, but deformed you more and more with each use. Bryson bagged Jayden’s ashes, and Merrik was told by his master that he and the rest of the crew may depart, but asked him to kill the party and bring the jewled artifacts to him once they had acquired them all. After setting back out into free space, the party spotted Revan’s cruiser moving around in open space. Both Revan and the parties ship were stealthed, and could only be seen by eye. Alma used their ships computer to hack an empty loading bay, and the party docked. However, the ship went into full alert at this and the hanger flooded with guards. The party burst out of the hanger into an intense firefight, killing dozens of Sith and Dark Jedi in the process. They fought down a narrow corrider and were ambushed by a group Sith Assassins, highly trained killers garbed in state of the cloaking technology. They managed to render Lorreanne unconcious, but the party still made its way to command floor, where Revan resided. He informed the party that he had no intentions of fighting them, and told them of a great and terrible army of unknown origin begining to fester on a long abadoned mining planet. The ship soon came under attack by Republic forces, and he gave the party a set of armor with the last of the gems, which Raj donned. He then gave them the cordinates to the planet and told the party to gather as much of an army as they could and destroy this evil before it could grow into something even the Sith and Republic combined could not stop. The party obliged, trusting this strange and mysterious fallen Jedi. On their way back to their ship, a giant, bipedal war machine burst through the hanger bay shielding. It had short , stubby legs and a ballistic weapon attached to one of its arms. The party, with nowhere to run, engaged it. It rendered Lorreanne and Alma unconcious, leaving Merrik and Raj to finish off the metallic beast. They carried their wounded party members back to their ships, and blasted off into space, knowing that Revan was about to be captured, or killed, by the Republic. The party went their seperate ways for a time to recruit those they could for this attack on the planet, each going after someone they knew to gather an army. Alma left for Czerka, one of her biggest employers, and managed to use the prospect of a mineral rich planet to gather men and Loreanne used her pull as a jedi knight to recruit several large groups of Padawans. Bryson headed towards Nar Shadda to request help from a high rising gang of Echani, only to discover it was lead by Aiden Baail, who was still alive after the war on Malachor VI. Bryson agreed to strip himself of his Mandalorian gear and learned instead the ways of the Echani, sacraficing his blasters for hand-crafted longswords. Merrik returned to his master, and relequinshed the gemed amulet and sword to his master. After this, his master betrayed him, gutting him with the sword and tossing him out an airlock into space where he was picked up by a Republic Commando squad. They took Merrik back to the jedi council, and told of the threat rising on the unnamed planet. The Sqaud, who was revealed to be the new Squad 7, agreed to help him, and joined in the fight. Raj And Alma later hijacked several carriers filled with Battle Droids to give them a fighting chance, and piloted the ships towards the planet. The plan was simple, there were four fusion reactors placed on the planet from a failed mining excavation, the bulk of the forces would distract the army while small specialized groups went in to take out the reactors. The party, Sqaud 7, and Aiden and his echani each took a reactor, and planned to meet at the 4th one together. The enemy army was amazingly well armed, equipped in a glossy black full cover suit, and each carrying a strange lightsaber-esque weapon and blasters. The bulk of the parties forces managed to hold for some time against the pressing army, outnumbered 10 to 1. Each group was sucsessful in taking down their reactor, but Aiden’s team was wiped out save for himself, and Sqaud 7 lost two of its four members. The survivors agreed to meet at the final reactor. The parties gathered army was all but destroyed, and Sqaud 7 died on their way to the final reactor, leaving only the party and a wounded Aiden Baail. They recovered Aiden at the final reactor, who warned them of a powerful general. The General ambushed them, wielding two lightsabers, but was quickly defeated. They shut down the final reactor, which sent powerful sesmic quakes throughout the planet. They had only minutes to escape, and waited for a shuttle for evacuation. However, Merrik’s master, along with a new apprentince, a Mirulukan, appeared to stop them. He spoke to the party for the first time, claiming he was the last of the true Sith, and attacked them.

Merrik was thrown several hundred feet towards the new apprentince, and after a short duel wtih her, was decapitated. The cloaked figure sent his newly acquired sword into Lorreanne’s stomach, ending her life as well. He moved at blinding speeds due to the amulet, but the party still managed to overcome him. He eventually collapased and took the form of a large, black Krayt Dragon. In this form he devoured Bryson, but was defeated through the clever use of grenades and other explosives from Raj and Alma. Defeated, the dragon collapsed, and Raj and Alma, along with Aiden, boarded an escape pod just as the planet began to crumble and give way. They were the only survivors from their party, and it appeared at though their journey was over.



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