Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Dragon Age: Acq Inc Saves a village (Part 2)

The party traveled along a forest road for about an hour before coming to a long, fallen tree that stretched across a chasm. Sensing danger, Dory shot a bolt of fire into a brush, sending a genlock (A tainted dwarf, turned to a Darkspawn) running off down the chasm. They set out to make their way across, Micheal first, then Each, then Dory, then the city elf, with the girl bringing up the rear.

A group of Darkspawn shot arrows from the treeline, an arrow landing right into Micheal’s arm, causing him to go tumbling off the side of the chasm. Each grabbed onto him, taking two arrows to the chest as well. The city elf drew his bow and shot two of the Darkspawn, calling them. They quickly made their way across the fallen tree, but Dory and the girl were still trying to make their way across. The city elf shot arrows into the tree, Dory and the elf girl using them as handles. Somehow, Dory still slipped and fell into the river below, near breaking his leg. Each and the city elf used a rope to scale the cliffside and bring him back up, and tended to his wound. By the time they had set out again, it was near nightfall. After walking for another thirty minutes they set up camp and slept for the night, taking turns keeping watch.

In the morning they set out again, finally coming across an old destroyed bunker. The girl told them that the Rage Demon-infused elf should be inside there, and they charged in. Inside were a group of animated skeletons, which they fought. They eventually found several groups of hostages. Two of the hostages were Elven warriors. Dory and the girl stayed with the hostages along with one warrior, while the other went with the group. He informed them that the rage demon had left with several of his minions to assault the village, and that he knew a quick way back to the village.

Nearing the village, the party was stumbled into the lair of a giant spider. It ensnared the warrior in its web, killing him. After a long battle, Micheal was able to cut the spider in half. They continued on to the village, seeing it burn in the distance.

in the center of the village, they saw the blacksmith fighting against the tainted elf warrior, and he was struck down. The local Grey Warden fought against several of his minions, and the city elf rushed to help him while the rest of the party fought against the leader. The demon used its sharp claws to grab around the head of Each, and threw him through the wall of the Tavern. Micheal drew a sword and managed to strike a blow to its side while the city elf and the Grey Warden finished off the last of the minions. As they struck them down, they turned back into the forms of human and elven men and women, albeit deceased. Going into a beserker rage, Each charged the demon and landed several blows, the finishing one being a decapitation by the city elf, ending the siege of the village.

During the next two weeks they stayed and helped rebuild the village, and met back with Dory, who left with the Dalish elves to “find himself”, giving the party a (Link Of Rage), a small silver chain that made it easier to land a hit on a demon. He also told them that a magic item was hidden somewhere where the hostages had been, but that he had never had a chance to find it.

They went and, after much trial and several fights against skeletons, found a (Silverwing Sword), granting the user increased speed. The remaining three slept at the small village free of charge, repaired their gear, and waited to hear from Bohdain of what to do next.



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