Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Dragon Age: Acq Inc Saves a village

In the country of Fereldan there was a group of Adventurers who specialized in tracking down magical items under the command of a Dwarven merchant named Bohdan Fedick. He created a company known as Acquisitions Inc. One of his three adventuring parties consisted of: An Avarian Hillsman Warrior, named Each Zenix. A City Elf Rogue, a Dalish Elf Rogue named Micheal Thorton, and a chubby Elf Circle Mage named Dory Cinkel.

Their first mission to investigate strange happenings in a small farming village on the Outskirts of Fereldan. They came across a ransacked farm, and were ambushed by a small group of Darkspawn, strange orc-like creatures. They eventually fought them off, and searched the farm. Micheal discovered a beaten and unconscious Elf inside a shed, and had Each carry her. They arrived at the small farming town, and took the elven girl to the local Inn. They each went their separate ways in the city. Each and the city elf took to the tavern, while Dory attempted to steal a horse and got in a fist fight with a stablemaster. Micheal discovered that two weeks ago, a group of Dalish Elves arrived and joined in a Harvest Festival with the Humans of the city. There was eventually a confrontation between a Dalish hunter and the Local Blacksmith, Kravik. The Dalish left the next morning, and the day after people began to dissapear from the village.

Each joined in to stop the fist fight between Dory and the stablemaster, and a large crowd gathered. He warned them all not to attempt to fight him, while the city elf stayed in the crowd, keeping his hood pulled up. The human crowed spoke of how they did not want any more elves in their village. At the end of the day, the party all met at the Inn and spoke to the now recovering elf girl. She told them that the hunter had made a deal with a Rage Demon, and had gained a small group of monsters and was kidnapping people from the village and his own Dalish camp for some strange ritual. She offered to lead the party to where she had found him and his captives, and was given a small dagger to fight with, just in case.

They set out from the town quietly the next morning, hoping to find some magical items along the way.



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