Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Dragon Age: A Baron Land (Part 2)

In the morning, they set out into the woods to attempt to find the bandits camp. Micheal followed a small trail for about an hour, with the party following behind him. They eventually became lost, and were redirected by the oddly appearing Blacktail, the baron’s faithful Malabari War Hound. The party was ambushed by bandits, whom Blacktail helped dispose of. They eventually discovered the bandit camp, their fires burning brightly in the mid-afternoon sky. They devised a plan to go after the leader, who was sitting on a stool writing in a leather-bound journal.

The City elf snuck over to him and attempted to grab him, but was detected and the two began a duel. Miceahl, Lauren, and Each charged the large group of bandits, 15 in all. They easily fought their way through their ranks, till only three our four remained. Battered and beaten by TCE, Gorefist, the bandit leader, surrendered. Just as he began to offer some “valuable infortmation” to the party, Blacktail sprung from the woods, going for Gorefist’s throat. Each tackled the dog, keeping it away from their prisoner. Shortly after, three mysterious men showed up, calling themselves Stuff Company.

They told the party that Gorefist used to work in their adventuring party and went rogue, and that they would like to have him back, and would pay well for his safe-ish return. Micheal told them to “go die somewhere” or something along those lines, and they attacked the party.

Their small group consisted of: Jim Darkmagic, a blood mage. Aiden Baail, a skilled rogue with two newly-invented flintlock pistols, and Bronwin Bronzebottom, an angry dwarf with a large hammer. Aiden fired three rounds into Micheal, rendering him unconscious. Each charged Bronwin, while TCL dueled against Aiden, leaving Lauren and Jim to fight it out. Lauren managed to land a few glancing blows against Jim, but was quickly subdued. Aiden and TLC scored equally against one-another, but Bronwin smashed into Each’s metal armor, knocking the breath out of him and forcing him to surrender. They grudgingly handed over the injured Gorehand, who now, in fact, was missing a hand.

They took the badly wounded Micheal back to the Baron, and informed him that they had managed to defeat the bandits. Lauren, sensing a strange magical aura around Blacktail, attempted to get closer to the dog, who lunged and attacked her. Two guards rushed in and were quickly subdued, and Blacktail was eventually slain. Once killed, it was revealed that Blacktail was actually a scrawny human mage, who had been mind controlling the Baron, and paying the bandits to keep up the assaults to make his mind-controlled Baron appear needed.

The Baron offered the party free food and board, and apologized for the inconvenience.

Later they set off and won a fighting tournament, and had a really exciting wagon chase, but that wasn’t very central to their exploits, and was the last that was heard of them for about a month. But then… (Currently on Hiatus)



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