Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Dragon Age: A Baron Land (Part 1)

The party awoke to the sound of a fist banging on their inn room. It was Lauren, the second in command of Acquisitions Inc. She told them of a call to arms from a Distant Baron, and that Bohdain wanted them to answer it. They set out on horse, riding for two weeks before setting up camp near the Baron’s estate. They all went to sleep but Micheal, who spotted three men snooping around the camp.

When confronted, they revealed themselves to be Former men of arms for the previous Baron, who had been overthrown after a vote, due to his inability to handle the increasing number of bandit raids. Apparently being very easily offended, they challenged the party to a duel, best two out of three between the two groups. First up was Each, who easily drew first blood against his opponent. Secondly was TCE, who also managed to draw first blood. Since magic was not allowed, Lauren lost her duel, but the fight was still decided. They retreated, and the party slept soundly at their camp for the night.

They awoken to the sound of horse hooves, and were questioned by a patrolling guard. He offered to lead the party to the Baron, and did so. Once there, they enjoyed a large feast in the Baron’s tent, and were accompanied by a large dog named Blacktail. The feast was interrupted by another bandit attack, and the party charged out the tent to stop it. Several peasants were killed, but the party managed to kill three or four of the bandits during the chaos.

They then went to the former Baron’s estate, thinking he may be connected to the bandit raids. It turned out he was housing homeless people running from the bandits, and offered them a place to stay as well. They agreed, and planned searching around the woods for the bandits camp tomorrow.



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