Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Mandalorian Wars: Saga

After their heroic actions on the mining planet, Raj, Aiden, and Alma finally relaxed aboard the ship, content in their victory. However, in a matter of hours the ship came under attack by a group of unknown assailants who easily captured the three and brought them to an unknown planet.

The group, along with two new adventurers: Azka and Voel, were held captive for several months, tortured every day by a strange force-wielding man, who would always mutter or ramble about the groups wasted “potential”. After several months, a group of Mandalorians attacked the man and his collection of droids, and broke the party out of their cages. Aiden, tortured more than the others and seemingly insane, his skin charred, ran away screaming, trying to find a way out of the dungeon they had been held in. They met a young asian man named they nicknamed “Asia”, who told them ahead were several generators building droids rapidly. He agreed to join the party and helped fight the droids, where Alma realized she could now field the force, and was shot in the head and nearly killed by an oddly skilled random war droid, which they captured and named “Legion”.

They eventually broke out through the sewer system after fighting a large, orbicular beast that impaled Azka with its tail, but did not kill her. Outside they found Aiden doing battle with their captive, when a group of jedi knights appeared and arrested both Aiden and their captor for unlicensed and unregistered use of the force within city walls, taking them both away screaming. The party agreed to head out and try to find and rescue Aiden.

They were approached by a strange thief, garbed in Mandalorian gear, who told the party that if they acquired 10,000 credits, that their mercenary party would take them to their friend. They did a few odd jobs, taking out a group of strange mutated werewolves, and stealing from a few shops. They met up with the Mandalorians, equipped with archaic ballistic weapons. They told the party that despite their deal, they needed help taking out a group of rogue jedi from the Jedi Civil war they were hired to kill, and that they would then help them rescue their friend. They devised a plan together, and set out to attack.

(This campaign is currently on hiatus)



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