Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Gamma World: Famine In a Far Go (Part 2)

The group patched up their wounds, mutated a few new powers, and headed out into the complex. Deciding to take a short cut, they passed through a cave system linking the main door and the side entrance. Unfortunately, it was filled with crazy birds and dalmatian sized moths bent on beating them to death and eating them. The RockRat fought against the swarm of birds by turning into a swarm himself, while Jim Lightmagic attacked with a spoon, killing a swarm of birds and digging out the brain of one of the moths with his mind. The Giant didn’t contribute much to the fight, taking down another swarm of birds while Jary finished off the second giant, killer moth. In the room, RockRat discovered a wristwatch, which he put on.. I suppose now he could tell time? It didn’t really matter. He also discovered a five-iron, deciding to take it with him as a melee weapon.

The cave spilled out back outside, with an electric grid buzzing away in the grass. The Giant charged into it, becoming an unstoppable electric monster, fighting the hovering bots that attacked him. However, before he could do more than zap a couple of his foes, Lightmagic and Jary had used their telekinetic powers to shove the robots into the various pits of acid scattered around the area. Lightmagic discerned that the console in the center of the grid controlled the front door (it wasn’t very hard to figure out) and got to work hacking it open, failing and causing the door to blow open partially, giving just enough room for someone to shimmy through to the other side.

Lightmagic offered to go first, and this being the terrifying world of Gamma Terra, nobody stopped him. Halfway through two giant, mechanical arms grabbed him and pulled him inside, electrocuting him and dropping him like a fly, his screams silenced quickly once he was dropped to the ground, smoke trailing from his twitching body. The Giant managed to stabilize him while RockRat and Jerry fought against four SoliderBots, who proved tougher than anything they had faced before. Armed with nothing but electrically charged fist, the four still proved almost to much for the group. Jerry blew two up with her pyro skills, and The Giant beat down another with his wrench, but not before taking several punches to the gut and face. RockRat destroyed the last of the four while protecting Jim, managing to keep him from dying.

They decided to stop for a couple of hours to tend to Jim… oh, Gamma World. So Zany.



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