Offshoot Campaigns (Starwars D20, Dragon Age D6, Gamma World)

Gamma World: Famine In a Far Go (Part 1)

Earth. After the apocalypse. Never mind the radiation—you’re gonna like it here.

In this insane, multiple universe world now known as Gamma Terra, we find ourselves watching a group of disturbed individuals:

Jim Lightmagic, a traveling magician with telekinetic powers, and the ability to conjure artificial emotions inside others.
Jary Mane: A native of the outpost “Blountville”, she carries a longsword which she imbues with her pyrokinetic abilities.
A swarm of rats that have gained a hive mind, and are living rocks.
A giant of a man, Jim Lightmagic’s companions, and can conjure lighting from seemingly nowhere.

The mayor of the small outpost of Blountville, Cleatus the pig man, has sent the young girl Jary Mane to investigate a disturbance: Once a day for the past month, an android has walked up to the outpost, and shot a rocket, usually straight into the ground, and would blow up afterward. With Jary being the least mutated and most intelligent in her small camp, she was sent to investigate this. Cleatus also recruited Jim Lightmagic and Yeti to guard her, and the RockRat tagged along for seemingly no reason.

Jim, mistaking the android for an innocent killed by the androids, followed its trail 90 degrees away from .. the trail. Along with everyone else except Jary, who followed the trail straight to Eastman Chemical and Rocket and Security Company. (ECARASC) Guarding the front entrance were two mutated pig men, and two badders (Badgers with advanced intelligence) wielding crossbows. They told her to leave, because “there was totally nothing up there and she should probably just leave please”. She decided to use her large bag of rocks she carried to fight them, and was shot three times with a crossbow, limping behind a rock and getting stuck in a fight with two pig men just as the other three came out behind her, stuck behind a large, steep hill. Jim crawled his way up the hill, to out of breath to help her, and Yeti attempted to use his climber’s kit to scale the hill, but missed his throw and accidentally latched onto one of the pig-men, yanking him down the hill, where he then bludgeoned him to death with a wrench. Jary and Jim dispatched of the other pigman while RockRat used his bizzare, explosive tipped Nerf Gun to take down one of the badders, with the other attempting to flee, failing, and being killed by Jary.

RockRat ran into the front door of the ECARASC, only to be blocked in by Yeti and Jim, who decided that the Badder’s and the Yexil, a laser-beam shooting gryphon that had settled in there, could fight it out. RockRat used a bizzare, random flux of alternate timeline power to force one of the badders to open fire on the Yexil, waking it from its slumber and attacking it. Jary ran in after RockRat, taking down a badder and landing a heavy blow with a fireball on the Yexxil, with Yeti and Jim making a break for the stairs. Yeti was grabbed by a bizarre patch of of sentient grass, but was saved by the telekinetic powers of Jary. Jim made it safely to the stairs, and RockRat hid in a room the Yexil couldn’t get into, dispersing into a swarm of rats. Jary managed to land a few good hits on the Yexil, but ran to join the traveling circus members when she took a hit, leaving RockRat to face the Yexil. He defeated it after taking a severe laser burn wound by swarming it with his rat body, rejoining his group downstairs…

…Only to be ambushed by two Badders behind a table. Yeti made a run for the double doors beside them, only to find three more badders, two using maces. He ran back out of the door, but everyone in the room was knocked around when Jary let out a powerful blast of energy, smashing everyone around the room. Eventually RockRat and Jary took down the two badders who had ambushed them, and rejoined Yeti and Jim as they fought the trio of badders, dodging maces and crossbow fire. A giant, glowing, beeping machine in the center of the room had activated due to a misfire of Yeti’s lighting powers, and a low buzzing filled the air, eventually culminating in an eruption of power that knocked Jary unconscious just as Yeti finished off the last mace-wielding badder. Jim disabled the machine (by ripping out random wires) and helped Jary back to her feet.

They decided to creep pressing on, maybe they would get their own androids or something.

Or they’ll fall into a vat of acid and die. I mean, that is the Gamma Terra way.



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